Trash for Cash Program


Chip Bags:  Potato Chip Bags, Tortilla Chip Bags, Pretzel Bags, Pita Chip Bags, Bagel Chip Bags, Soy Crisp Bags, Salty Snack Bags (for example:  Chex Mix or Cheez Its)

Drink Pouches:  No longer collecting

Granola Bar Wrappers:  Foil lined energy bar wrappers, foil lined granola bar wrappers, foil lined meal replacement bar wrappers, foil lined protein bar wrappers, Clif SHOT, Twisted Fruit, Roks, Bloks and Gels Wrappers. 

Ink Cartridges:  Laser Printer cartridges and Ink Jet cartridges.

Water Bottles: water bottles and other containers with 5₵ deposit