Fundraising Programs

Easy ways to earn money for your school 

Fundraising isn’t just about circulating order forms anymore, there are many ways to help raise money, in fact, we regularly generate a couple thousand dollars of funding from these simple initiatives!

The proceeds from these programs help to fund assemblies, family nights, after school programs, playground equipment, and other enhancements!

Here are some of the ways that we can contribute, to insure that our kids experience at Bennett continues to be as fruitful, fun, and engaging as ever.

Keep this list as a handy reminder to sign up at anytime throughout the year. If there are ever questions, or you are in need of a reminder or assistance, please email (None).

Last year these programs raised ...

Box tops--

Labels for Education--

Ink recycling at Staples--

Trash for Cash--

Bottle returns--




Thank you to all who took the time to participate!

Amazon Smiles: 
A portion of eligible purchases goes directly to our PTA.

Boxtops and Labels for Education- Collect these ‘stamps’ or labels, and send them in with your child. Contests for the most collected will be held throughout the year.

Hannaford Helps Schools program runs from August through December. The purchase of specific products will earn “certificates” which are printed out with your receipt, and can either be placed in the tower at the store, or sent in with your child. 

Shoprite and Price Chopper, allow you to sign up to receive e-labels at This allows for double points when the labels are sent in!

nap Apps:::Shoparoo— Simply download the app at, and snap pics of your shopping receipts!

Trash for Cash--ONLY - drink pouches, chip, cracker bags, and granola wrappers.  

Bottle Returns-- Send in empty eligible bottles and cans and we will recycle them and collect the deposit.

Viridian-- Sign up with Viridian energy, and a donation will be made to Bennett School.